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Wickham Wander – 11/16

St. Nicholas Church Wickham

Starting in Wickham, we went for an about 5.3 miles circular walk (please visit link at the end for detailed instructions). From Wickham we followed the old Meon Valley Railway line for a while until we saw the St. Nicholas Church to our left. We didn’t visit the church but it is a nice building to at least look at. We then left the old railway track and followed a the road, turned into a smaller gravel road and finally into a footpath.

It was a relatively grey day but still, it was nice to see the first flowers everywhere. Unfortunately, this route also had quite a bit of walking along a country road (Hundred Acres Road towards Forest of Bere). Not too busy but busy enough to not be able to walk next to each other and needing to make space for cars. After some hopping on and off the road, we reached the Forest of Bere. Time for a break – we were lucky as there was a stand with snacks, hot and cold drinks 🙂

Fully recovered, we continued our way through the forest and crossed the A32. What we didn’t know, there is also a pub – The Roebuck Inn. I can’t give you any advice as to whether is it good or not because we didn’t try it this time. We didn’t know about this pub when we stopped earlier but we are planning to take a break there next time. You got the choice.

Turning right into the small road next to the pub, we reach the old railway bridge quite quickly and descend to return to Wickham on the old Meon Railway track.

A walk with many nice and some less nice parts (along the Hundred Acres Road). Some parts were a bit muddy but I would say that this route is doable for relatively fit leisure walkers and hikers. Most parts of the walk are on good paths.

Please visit the following link for more information and route instructions: Wickham Wander Guide.

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