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Île de Ré (France) – 17/15

Île de Ré

Summer 2009 – two friends, a car and a tent on a road trip to Portugal. Motto ‘the journey is the reward’. This has been one of my most memorable holidays so far.

Today’s picture was taken in France on the Île de Ré. When we started our journey we didn’t really think about August being the holiday month in France but soon we knew better. We really wanted to stay on the island and paid the toll to get over the bridge. We were both optimistic that finding a place for a tent wouldn’t be a problem… after a tour around the island and stopping several times, we found one eventually. The only thing that I remember about the camping was, that it was expensive and jammed and we had to climb over the mesh-wire gate and fence because we were returning after 10pm.

However, the island was nice. We spent most of the afternoon on the beach and made a nice walk along the north-coast to watch the sun set and the illuminated bridge to the island. I’m not sure where exactly this picture was taken but it I think it could have been somewhere around Rivedoux Plage.

We stayed only one night, visited La Rochelle the next day and moved on. Unfortunately, our next camping experience further down the coast was not much better. Both being a bit disappointed with the French hospitality and overcrowded, expensive camping we decided to go to Spain.

I returned to France later and have reviewed my opinion a little bit. The French can be nice and welcoming. I’d like to think that this was just the mass tourism (sorry, my French friends). will find a pot of gold. The truth is that none has ever found the end of the rainbow or the promised pot of gold. I haven't found them either but I have found many wonderful places during my travels in Europe. Come follow me and see the world with my eyes. Whenever I think I have found the most wonderful place, I know that I will continue to search, discover and travel. I know that I will find new places and that I will again think that they are the most wonderful places that I've ever seen. This a personal project where I want to share my travel experience, passion for photography and creativity with you.

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