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Horses – 22/15

This week’s Monday post is less travel related but is about something that plays an important role in my life for many years – horses! As long as I can remember, I wanted to learn horse riding and have a horse. It was more than just a girls dream. I know most girls have this dream at some point and many learned horse riding and had a pony but for many this dream didn’t last long. It took me many years until I could convince my parents to allow me to have horse riding lesson and a  couple of years later a horse but unlike many of my friends that did horse riding as kids and had a horse – I’m still doing it and I still have my own horse!


Those who have a horse or a pet will know that it is more than just an animal. It’s a partner, a friend, someone you care about and that you don’t want to miss. Having a horse is a huge commitment, I’m just mentioning time, money and responsibility… but I feel like its worth it and like I get a lot in return 🙂

Funny enough, I have never spent much time taking picture of horses. Maybe I should change that. I took the above picture on a rainy day about a year ago. I wanted to ride and was waiting for the rain to get less. What to do? I did some plaiting and had a go with my camera, playing around with the settings a little bit. I think I could do more with it. Maybe one day, there is so much I would like to do.

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