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Greenwich after 5pm

Dinner Time I

If you are looking for an article about Greenwich’s night life, I will have to disappoint you. I called this acticle “Greenich after 5pm” because I’ve been there for business and there is not much you can do in the evenings apart from having food and drinks. There is nothing wrong with having food and drinks but if you still want to explore Greenwich or simply get some fresh air after spending a day indoors you might want to continue reading…

Sunset over the River Thames
Sunset over the River Thames

If you google Greenwich your first search results might be “Maritime Greenwich” or “Greenwich University” and that’s exactly what I knew about Greenwich before. There is more to it though but unfortunately most of the museums ¬†and attractions close between 5 and 6. So what can you do?

Greenwich has the character of a small town and is very different to London. My train arrived in London on a Monday morning at 8am… I had to find my way from Waterloo Station to Greenwich, I’ve only been to London once before, grew up in a small village and never used the underground before… I was relieved to leave the train in Greenwich and there was…. nothing or better not much. Peace and quiet, a place with character.

Old Royal Naval College and Greenwich University – Wonderful old buildings but also modern new buildings and the birthplace of Henry VIII and his daughters Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth. Although some of the gates where closed you could access the campus and walk between the old historic buildings. If it would have been a nice warm summer evening, I would probably have grabbed a drink, sat down on the stairs or on the green, enjoyed the sun and listened to the music of practising students. Unfortunately, it was a rather cold day and I limited my stay to talking pictures and reading a few info boards.

Greenwich Park – A walk trough Greenwich Park let’s London and the general city feeling far behind. The park is old, rather big and has many paths to walk. From the top of the hill where the Royal Observatory and Planetarium is, you have a nice view of the Queen’s House and the skyline. At the Royal Observatory is also a clock with the Greenwich Meantime and British Standard measurements. I’ve checked my feet, they are meeting the standard and are about a foot long.

Squirrels – Yes, I mean it! I’ve never seen that many squirrels before and they are so trusting. One came very close to me, less than an arm length away from me. Time for me to get my camera out!

The Cutty Sark
The Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark – Is an old British clipper ship built in 1968 and now a museum which, what a surprise, closed at 5pm. Nevertheless, it’s worth having a stroll to the river and a look at the Cutty Sark. will find a pot of gold. The truth is that none has ever found the end of the rainbow or the promised pot of gold. I haven't found them either but I have found many wonderful places during my travels in Europe. Come follow me and see the world with my eyes. Whenever I think I have found the most wonderful place, I know that I will continue to search, discover and travel. I know that I will find new places and that I will again think that they are the most wonderful places that I've ever seen. This a personal project where I want to share my travel experience, passion for photography and creativity with you.

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