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Exciting times! – 42/16

Thornham Marina

I’m exhibiting for the first time! A while ago I read about a photo competition for an exhibition in our area. I wasn’t too sure about the two pictures that I sent in but I did it. This year has been a busy year for me and due to many reasons, I haven’t been out as much as I wanted and often I wasn’t in the right mood to take pictures. Nevertheless, my two entries convinced the jury and they will now be exhibited in November!

I’ve only ever done photography for myself. I even tried to hide my pictures from others. That’s how little confidence I had. Then I started Facebook and shared some and people liked them. I started showing them to real people and printed some to put them up in my flat and I got positive feedback. That is now quite some time ago. About a year and a half ago I started my website/blog. Still, I do it for myself but now I share it with others, too. It’s art and you like and understand it or you don’t. I know this myself. I’ve been to a few art museums and galleries and sometimes thought to myself ‘why is this art?’ or ‘you painted a green dot on white paper and ask a few hundred quid for that?’. Really? I do appreciate if you like what I do but I accept it if you don’t.

This picture is one of my two entries (category quirky) taken at Thornham Marina earlier this year. Exciting!!!

...you will find a pot of gold. The truth is that none has ever found the end of the rainbow or the promised pot of gold. I haven't found them either but I have found many wonderful places during my travels in Europe. Come follow me and see the world with my eyes. Whenever I think I have found the most wonderful place, I know that I will continue to search, discover and travel. I know that I will find new places and that I will again think that they are the most wonderful places that I've ever seen. This a personal project where I want to share my travel experience, passion for photography and creativity with you.

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