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Cala Morell Caves- 17/17

Cala Morell

Just outside the small village of Cala Morell there are multiple caves built into the rock. The more than 10 caves form an old settlement which some how reminds me of The Flintstones. Most of the caves are accessible. Little is know about them and as with many historic places in Menorca there are no signs, no info boards, nothing… On the other hand, this means that you can walk around freely without safety warnings, access restriction, opening hours and entry fees that will stop you from exploring. Exploring the caves made me feel like entering a different world.

The cave on the picture is one of the few that was not accessible at the time of our visit as there was a puddle or even pond in front of the entrance. Who knows whether this has always been there or whether it maybe was more of a basement that was covered with a roof back then? A strangely bizarre place to visit which definitelty takes you back in time.


...you will find a pot of gold. The truth is that none has ever found the end of the rainbow or the promised pot of gold. I haven't found them either but I have found many wonderful places during my travels in Europe. Come follow me and see the world with my eyes. Whenever I think I have found the most wonderful place, I know that I will continue to search, discover and travel. I know that I will find new places and that I will again think that they are the most wonderful places that I've ever seen. This a personal project where I want to share my travel experience, passion for photography and creativity with you.

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