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Aveiro – 33/16


Aveiro, the Portuguese Venice. I’ve only been to Aveiro but not to Venice. It might be true it might not be true.

The thing I know is, that Aveiro is a lovely Portuguese city that is well worth visiting. I’ve been there multiple times and would quite happily go again.

Aveiro is is a coastal city about 75km south of Porto. Coastal is most likely not the correct description as Aveiro is not directly loacted on the coast but seperated from the coast by Aveiro Lagoon and the Nature Reserve Dunas de São Jacinto.

Aveiro is probably referred to as the Portuguese Venice as it has a similar system of canals as the Italin city. The system was used for transporting goods, for examples the salt from the salines or the latest catch from the sea.

These days, the system is mainly used to show toursists the canal system and explain the history of the city. Boat tours are arrange from the canal opposite the Tourist Office. These tours are quite touristic but I would recommend doing them as they offer you a completely different perspective and view of the city. The boats are designed in the old traditional design and very colourful. As you can see on the picture, Aveiro is quite colourful in general. On a hot day, the light breeze can also be a nice refreshment.

The boat trip won’t give you a full tour around the city. The old city centre and the old churches are not located along the canals. My suggestion, explore the city by foot in the morning, have lunch in a nice restaurant on the market square and enjoy the city from the canals in the afternoon.

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