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Our Garden (2) – 27/16

Our Garden (2)

Our garden number 2… very slowly we are getting there. I wish I could have presented you a beautiful butterfly sitting on this flower but I’m afraid it’s only a hover fly.

The story is pretty much the same as last week – time. I’m still way too busy decorating and gardening. The garden is slowly changing and becoming a nicer place. Even though it is ‘just’ a hover fly, I like the picture because I’m a fan of macro shots 🙂

I’m glad that I’ve kept this flower against my mums and mother-in-laws advice. They said it’s a weed and I took all but one plant out. Now I know what it looks like and now that I see how much bees and other insects like it, I’ve decided to keep it.

Writing this post I did a quick search on hover flies and I was surprised how many different types of hover flies there are in the UK – more than 270!!. This one is a Episyrphus balteatus. I know it is a bit geeky but don’t worry I won’t continue like this and leave additional hover fly research up to you guys.

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