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Swans at Emsworth Harbour – 02/17

Swans at Emsworth Harbour

Week two of 2017 and to be honest it doesn’t feel any different to any week in 2016 or any weeks in any of the years before. After a nice Christmas break everyday life has me back! January is a bit grey and gloomy and I was torn between posting an older picture from the archive to dream of holidays and summer or to go with a more recent one and to stay in the here and now. I decided to go with the here and now because not all is gloomy 🙂

Swans at Emsworth Harbour
Swans at Emsworth Harbour


This picture was one of the first ones I took in 2017. It was right at the beginning of January when we went out for a walk from Emsworth towards Langstone along the Emsworth Harbour shore. When the tide is low, you can walk along the beach from Emsworth all the way to Langstone Harbour. When the tide is high, there is an alternative route for half the way, leaving the coast for a while, to keep your feet dry. Because of the relatively cold temperatures and the high tide we didn’t walk all the way to Langstone but walked around the small woodland half way and turned around. Just were Warblington Road ends on the beach there are a couple of boats and very often swans. The picture shows the swans and boats with a very calm sea and some sun lighting up the boats – not all is gloomy 🙂

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