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Swedish Summer (2) – 31/17

Skansen Open Air Museum

Its’s August. I look out the window and can’t help myself wondering where the summer has gone. It’s grey and rainy and it has been for weeks. We had a lovely warm spring but that is long gone.

During my childhood I spent many summer holidays in Sweden. We had many nice and warm summer days but also many slightly colder and wetter days. The weather over the last couple of weeks pretty much reminds me of the Swedish Summers I’ve had during my childhood.

This weeks picture was taken in the Swedish open air museum Skansen in Stockholm and shows a traditional haystack and cart. A scene from the end of summer when the hay was cut and left do dry for the winter.

The Skansen museum is worth visiting. It has a large number of traditional Swedish buildings from various eras and different areas of the country which are all accessible. Many of the buildings show the lifestyle of the era they were built in, show traditional crafting or farming, have old gardens and special breed animals. There are also a lot of attractions for kids and a small zoo. As you can imagine, it is no problem to spend a whole day there. Have a look yourself.

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