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Sao Giao – 28/17

Sao Giao

Summer of 2009, a small camp site somewhere in Portugal. I guess that even a lot of my Portuguese friends would need to have a look to find out where Sao Giao actually is. A friend and I were on a road trip from Germany, over Luxemburg, France and Spain down to Portugal. We knew where we wanted to finish our journey but other than that we took every day as it came and spent our days and nights pretty much where we felt like.

After quite a few days on the road we crossed the Spanish border and passed the Serra de Estrela, spent a night in Guarda and continued our way to the coast. After a couple of hours drive we saw a sign ‘Camping’ leading of the main road. Spontaneous as we are we followed it. The road became narrower and narrower and when we thought we wouldn’t get anywhere, we reached a small village – Sandomil. An idyllic village with tiny, narrow roads and an old cobbled one-way bridge crossing a small river. We stopped at a cafe near a park by the the riverside, had an ice-cream and met a Luxembourgian ex national football player who was very surprised we didn’t recognise him. To be honest, I forgot his name and he could have told as everything… we have absolutely no clue about football.

From Sandomil, we continue and soon find the small camp site that was sign posted. It is well tucked away and I can imagine that it is mainly used by Portuguese tourists. However, I can recommend it to everyone that is looking for a quiet, idyllic and affordable stay. The campsite has a natural pool/swimming area which is built in the river and a small bar and restaurant. For more information look here.

A couple of years later I stayed there again, this time with my partner. It was still as idyllic.


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