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Ijssel (Deventer) 1/16

Ijssel bursting its banks

The first week of 2016 and the first Monday post in 2016! I should probably start with something more than flood but I simply love this picture that shows the Ijssel bursting its banks, taken in Deventer in the Netherlands a couple of years ago when I still lived there.

Currently, floods are also a big issue in many parts of the UK. It is this time of the year where it simply doesn’t stop to rain and the water has nowhere to go. Later in the year, the snow starts to melt in many countries and floods will continue there. It’s nature to some extent but we humans don’t help either, just building our houses in areas prone to flooding and regulating rivers.

I hope that all those affected by floods will get the help they need but its also up to all of us to think why our towns get flooded and why it seems to get worse and worse every year.

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