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Day 1 – Arrival Bastia and exploration of our final destination Macinaggio


We arrive at Bastia Airport around midday.  It looks rather grey, the mountain tops are disappearing in the clouds and a light rain is welcoming us when we leave the airport. My mood drops a little – not exactly what I expected from my summer holiday… but hey, it’s warm and there is still plenty of time and potential for improvement!

The airport is not too big and we pass the border control and get our luggage quite quickly. Unfortunately,  it took us quite some time to get our hire car. We queue patiently an after what felt like an hour, we get the keys to our car.

Driving on the right side of the road again… I would never have expected that it would feel so strange to me but after I got in the car my left hand is looking to put in the first gear… without success. What is the speed limit? Where are we going? North? Maybe we should have bought a map or brought a satnav. After about 1,5h on roads like snakes along the coast , with apparently wonderful views (I was too busy driving and trying to ignore the cliffs to the right hand side…) and a small detour we arrive at our final destination Macinaggio.

We find our house easily.  Macinaggio is rather small and we had a good route description. The house is lovely!  The landlord Michel and his wife are as friendly as my impression via email contact was and we feel really welcome! Exactly what we need for a week holiday 🙂 it couldn’t have been any better.


After a short break we decide to explore Macinaggio a little with it’s few souvenir shops, cafés and restaurants. We also walk down to the habour and along the beach to the first cliff. Corsica has an amazing and diverse wildlife. So many butterflies,  lizzards and different flowers. It’s amazing!  I know, I will find a lot of material here, especially for my butterfly gallery.

Mountain view from the beach
Mountain view from the beach

After a big late lunch (I was forced to insert ‘others would say normal’) at La Galere (decent priced, normal good food and very friendly staff), we wanted to buy some snacks to have dinner at home. One thing we didn’t think about – it is Sunday… we are way to used to seven days a week open shops and ended up driving half an hour only to find out that shops and petrol stations were closed…

Tired from a long day, we spend the evening at home. It seems as we got a cat included… the little tiger stays with us for the evening. Later we find out that it was Michels and his wife’s cat and they had already been looking for it 🙂

Cat included
Cat included will find a pot of gold. The truth is that none has ever found the end of the rainbow or the promised pot of gold. I haven't found them either but I have found many wonderful places during my travels in Europe. Come follow me and see the world with my eyes. Whenever I think I have found the most wonderful place, I know that I will continue to search, discover and travel. I know that I will find new places and that I will again think that they are the most wonderful places that I've ever seen. This a personal project where I want to share my travel experience, passion for photography and creativity with you.

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