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Village Life – 32/17

Horses near The Deck

I grew up in a small village with plenty of farms around me. A lot of the older farms were part of the village and not built miles away from the village like most new ones are these days. Cows and horses were grazing on the boundaries of the village, some smaller fields were even next to the farm and between houses. It was such a normal thing to see (and smell) farm life every day.

Things have changed. Not only have I moved a few times since, lived in bigger cities and built up areas but also farming and farm life has changed. Many of the small farms are no longer farms, fields have become development areas and new farms and stables are no longer idyllic but huge, away from villages and industrialised. It’s a shame but that is what we as consumers have been asking for, always wanting to pay the cheapest price.

Nevertheless, there is still some farm life left around us and we need to keep it. Without farmers no food.

This picture was taken in Emsworth, just off the Main Road on a foot path leading to Emsworth Yacht Harbour and The Deck which servers delicious breakfast 🙂

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