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Southwick Priory

Southwick, a small village in Hampshire. You might wonder why we ended up going there. We found Southwick Priory on the English Heritage website and thought it could be interesting to visit Southwick and have a look at the ruins of the priory.

Southwick Priory

Easier said than done. Whilst finding Southwick is easy, finding the priory isn’t. We found the village car park and were hoping to see some sort of map or sign post but nothing… We made our way to High Street and had a little stroll through the village. It’s quite idyllic with many old houses and a ¬†church. Again no sign of the priory. We continued to explore the village and asked a few people. Nothing… After exhausting our options, thinking to ourselves that it was still a nice trip and walk, we returned to the car park. Just as we were leaving, we noticed a metal gate in the woods opposite the car park. We parked again, walked over to the gate and there we were! A sign post at ankle height, hidden behind the gate is finally lead us to Southwick Priory. From there it’s less than a 5 minute walk to the ruins.


Second gate at the end of the path.
Southwick Priory

Not much is left of the mid 12th century priory, just a big wall. Nevertheless, the remaining wall gives a pretty good idea how impressive the priory must have been. It also shows how it must have been extended and repurposed many times as different styles, building materials and half covered features are visible.








Our tip for visiting: Follow the sign post to the village car park which is next to the Golden Lion and the D-Day Memorial Hall. Opposite the car park entrance are some woods with a metal gate. Go through the metal gate and follow the path.


Gate opposite the car park, leading to Southwick Priory.





For more info about the priory visit: English Heritage РSouthwick Priory

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