I’ve always enjoyed travelling  and have visited more than 15 countries by now.  My parents love travelling and have taken me to many places when I was a kid.  Most of my travels have been within Europe but I’ve learned that you don’t always need to go far to discover something new, something amazing or interesting.

I’ve lived in four different countries and got to know many different people, their culture and way of living. What I have realised is how little I know and how little I have seen about my home country and the area I grew up in.  This is something I promised myself to change.  I am not continuously going back to my origin but I spent a lot of time exploring the area where I live now.  Even, my partner who has been living here since many years is sometimes surprised which gems are hidden so close to our home. I am planning to post many of our day trip experiences here in the future.

Stockholm 2012 – Lake Brunsvikken


I travelled with my partner, my parents, friends, a group and alone, stayed in hotels, small B&B’s, hostels and did camping, I’ve gone by car, bus, train and plain and I can’t tell you what the best experience is. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are able to enjoy.

Apart from travelling, I always enjoyed art and photography. I like adventures and to explore. I like nature and am interested in history and culture. As kid I spent most of my free time playing outdoors and being active. I still enjoy being active and outdoors during long walks and horse riding.